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With Webbyt youŽll get an easy-to-use homepage and beautiful design.
Good solution for small businesses and e-shops.

Webbyt CMS

Webbyt with the CMS (content management system) is a secure environment with access open only to the properly authorised user. You can designate users with different adjustable privileges to perform different website administration tasks. For instance, one user can only access the news section to update it while another user can access and change all areas.
The powerful text editor makes it simple to compile various pages. You can easily add images and tables and, of course, use such primary text-forming tools like making it bold, italic, etc. The user interface is very similar to that in such popular text-processing software titles as MS Office, StarOffice, etc., so any computer user can handle it without problems
A clear and surveyable way of introducing changes to the website. You can add sub-pages and alter their sequence, content and functions.