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Content Management System


This enables You to easily change the menu structure (the structure tree) of the website – to create, change and delete sub-pages! 

The structure module also contains a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor (an MS Word analogue) which can be used to:

  • add/delete/change text material;
  • add/delete picture material;
  • add/delete tables.

The text editor can also be used to format texts (e. g. bold, italic, underline and the other usual options).

E-mail service


We offer free e-mail service with the Webbyt website. The service includes: 

  • 100 e-mail addresses in the format name@company name.ee;
  • Spam control (99% of spam will be removed);
  • Virus protection.

The service can be used with both the IMAP and POP3 server services.

You can read your e-mail also through browser - www.webbyt.com/webmail

Password protection for sub-pages


Many of our clients need to limit access to confidential information which the company’s employees, at the same time, need to be able to access from everywhere. The best solution is the creation of a password-protected sub-page containing the relevant information. This information can only be accessed by people who have the user name and password.

Banner system


This module makes it easy for You to conveniently upload/download banners, to display or hide them on specific sub-pages. If necessary, several banners can be displayed at the same time or one after another. On most of the design templates the banners are on the left side.


E-shop (Product catalogue + Shopping Cart)


This is database driven product catalog. It allows you to create product catalog to your website. Products can be organized to product groups. Each product can have pictures and descriptions with various parameters (unlimited number of different product types).

Product Catalog also includes a Shopping cart. With those two modules your client can easily select products to shopping cart and send the order for you.



The calendar module is able to perform various functions. There can be noted future events, which are reflected in the calendar view in another color. You can also use the calendar as reservation system, as shown in the picture below. For example, housing authorities can share information about the vacant premises.

Web2 kalender

Search engine


The search engine allows the visitor to quickly find the information they want on Your website. The visitor inserts the required keyword and within a moment all pages of the website containing the text searched for will be displayed. 


Paypal or Google Checkout


You can use bank link, creditcard payment, Paypal or Google Checkout as payment methods in our e-shop.

Picture gallery / File manager


The picture gallery is a great solution for clients who need to show pictures on their website (real estate brokers, construction companies, hairdressing salons etc.). The present module can be used to create various different galleries and to add a description to the pictures, among other things. 

The pictures add emotions to the website and help to improve the provision of information to users. It is useful to upload high-quality pictures of Your products in order to influence purchase decisions. Pictures about corporate events and the office interior may have a positive effect on job-seekers, but clients who are looking for information about the product will not be interested in these. So such pictures should be displayed on a separate page.

The file manager is a module for the management of all the files connected with the website – pictures, documents etc. The file manager is a uniform built-in module which is connected with all other parts of the CMS (content management software). The file manager can be used to upload, view, change and delete items, such as pictures used in the text editor to illustrate the content and the articles. It is also possible to use the file manager to change and modify files uploaded in other parts of the CMS.


SEO package - be visible in search engines


SEF URLs - you can decide what looks like your web address in the address of the link. For example, if you decide that you would like to put in instead of the usual shape of www.webbyt.com/index.php?page=16  rather www.webbyt.com/services, this module is able to do so

  • Meta Description - displays under search results as a description of the site

<span title="\" antud"="" closure_uid_z9fs3h="\" 30\""="" lingi="" vastava="" aadressireal="" milline="" ise="" saate="" mooduliga="">This solution allows the search engines to find information on your website and allows your website to rise uper on search engine results list.

Sitemap (automatic)


The sitemap enables visitors of the website to always have an overview of all the contents on the website. The sitemap updates itself every time You make changes in the structure of the website. 

The sitemap is also an important tool in positioning the company in the search engines. Websites with a sitemap are easier for search engines to scan, and this increases the possibility to move the keywords connected with Your company upwards in the list of search results.

Feedback form (E-mail)


The present module allows us to add a form onto the website allowing visitors to send You an e-mail on any topic. Usually, the e-mail format is used for getting feedback, for requesting price quotations, and so on. 

The feedback form is usually added under the link Contacts where clients can conveniently contact Your company.



The news module helps to display a list of the latest news on the website, accompanied by an introductory text. When the headline of the news item is clicked, the news item will be displayed fully – including the date, headline, introductory text, content and files. The files may be pictures (shown as thumbnails which open as large picture when clicked) or documents (files which visitors can download). 

Older news items will be stored in the archive.